Here at Midwest Paint Protection we offer Transparent Warranty by Glassparency. They offer protection plans that exceed expectations. How does it work?

First off – pick your coverage. Choose from a full suite of coverages for your vehicle including Dent & Ding, Wheel & Tire, Key Fob, and more.
Second, find a specialist. That would be us here at Midwest Paint Protection. We are conveniently located near you and can validate your coverage. It’s never been easier!

Finally, you are covered! Sit back and enjoy total peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is covered by Transparent Warranty.
The days of over-paying for warranty coverages and not truly understanding what you are getting, are over. Simply enter in your vehicle information and zip code, view and select the available coverages and check out. For example, if anything happens to your key-fob, Transparent will over-night you a new one and even give you a rental car while you get it reprogrammed. No deductible, and no out-of-pocket expense. Transparent will also cover your Ceramic Pro products. That’s right, you can have insurance-backed coverage for your ceramic coating and PPF applications with Transparent’s exterior and PPF warranties.

The best way to protect your investment!

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